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Should You Hire a Lottery Lawyer if You Win the Lottery?

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If you were to win the lotto, you might believe that the most difficult choice would be determining what to buy with your winnings first. But the fact is that you'll need assistance to save as much money for later use as you possibly can. And the first thing you need to do to acquire that assistance is call a lottery lawyer.

Should You Hire a Lottery Lawyer if You Win the Lottery?

What Is a Lottery Lawyer?

Before even claiming a jackpot, big lottery winners have to make many tough choices. As if things weren't already complicated enough, each lottery-hosting jurisdiction has rules for cashing in a winning ticket and paying the least amount of taxes possible. This is when having an attorney's assistance would be beneficial.

Winners should assemble a team of advisors, including a lottery lawyer, to help them navigate the laws of collecting a reward without making any avoidable missteps. The best lottery lawyer can safeguard the winners' inheritance and ensure their loved ones are provided for.

You may not require an attorney who markets themselves specifically as a lottery lawyer, but you should look for someone with experience with substantial windfalls. The best lottery attorneys know their way around the tax system, trusts, wills, and asset protection.

What Lottery Attorneys Offer Jackpot Recipients

You may be reluctant to pay a significant portion of your winnings for lottery lawyer fees if you've just gotten your hands on a large sum of money. However, investing in a proficient attorney is in your best interest. Some things that lottery lawyers do for jackpot winners are listed below.

Safeguarding Your Identity

You should keep the fact that you won the lotto a closely guarded secret so that you don't become the victim of litigation, scammers, and petty cash demands. However, preventing the news from getting out is not easy. 

In some jurisdictions, lottery winners can remain anonymous while claiming their award. Some organizations allow winners to submit claims under the name of an organization, shielding them from unwanted attention. To preserve their privacy, lottery winners should choose an experienced attorney.

Setting up a trust is another viable way to receive the award. The winner's privacy will be protected, and the trust will keep the winner from blowing their windfall all at once. A lottery lawyer can help the winner decide if a trust is in their best interests, and if so, they can assist in establishing one.

Establishing a Reliable Advisory Group

A new lottery prize winner needs a strong support system, not just a lawyer. It's also important to consult with a certified public accountant and a financial planner who has experience dealing with unexpectedly significant sums of money. A lawyer for the lottery winners can advise them on who else to include in their advisory team.

Guidance on Various Payment Arrangements

It's up to recent lottery winners to choose between a lump amount and an annuity. A lottery attorney will be able to inform them of all the financial and legal implications. They are in a better position to offer guidance than random articles found online because they are familiar with the winner's financial situation.

Preventing Basic Mistakes

The best lottery attorney knows the dangers that unwary lottery winners may fall into. A lawyer can advise when is the best time to collect a win, how to store the tickets until then, how to control expenditure and ensure safety, and much more. To avoid falling prey to the lottery curse, it is wise to seek the counsel of a lottery lawyer.

Abolishing Baseless Lawsuits

Scammers often go after lottery winners because they know they have a large sum of money sitting in the bank. Scammers try to get their hands on lottery winners' money through various methods, and filing frivolous lawsuits is one of them.

A lottery attorney defends their clients in such cases and advises them on how to protect themselves from any threats before they even happen. One of the finest returns on investing in lottery lawyer fees is having these nuisance claims dismissed.

What to Look for in a Lottery Lawyer

Since successful people spend so much time with their financial team, it's crucial that they feel at ease and trust each member. Naturally, the attorney needs to be well-versed in the specific issues faced by lottery winners.

No lottery winner should make such a call flippantly. The so-called lottery lawyer, Jason Kurland, was caught in 2020 taking over $100 million from his clients and was eventually indicted. To avoid losing your money to dishonest people, be careful about who you give it to.

Things to think about before retaining the best lottery lawyer include:

Ample Experience

The greatest lottery lawyer is well-versed in lottery legislation and has experience advocating for other large winners and those who have come into a sudden financial windfall. The tax legislation, trust management, wealth management, and other financial concerns in your jurisdiction should all be within their wheelhouse.


Even jackpot winners must exercise caution to avoid overspending on lottery lawyer fees. A reputable lottery lawyer won't offer to take a cut of your profits, and you don't need to choose the most costly one you can find. It is preferable to agree upon a fair hourly rate or retainer instead. The Laffey Matrix can be a rough estimate for legal representation fees.

Disciplinary Record

If a lawyer has been disciplined for anything, you should know that before hiring them. To check on any potential lawyers' disciplinary history, you can do a state-by-state search online.


You should not ignore your gut instinct about a lottery attorney. You should have complete confidence in your lawyer and enjoy dealing with them. It's okay if you and your lawyer don't click, even if they're excellent.

To locate the best lottery lawyer for your needs, it's best to interview multiple individuals.  If you need help finding qualified candidates, the local Bar Association is a good place to start. They will be able to point you on the appropriate path.

Final Thoughts

After winning a significant lottery jackpot, getting a competent lottery attorney should be a top priority. Before announcing your win to anybody outside of your family and close friends, and especially before collecting any prize money, you should get legal counsel.

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