October 27, 2023

Uplink: A Life-Changing Gateway to Immersive Gaming

Ethan Lim
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Remember family computers? Before the era of tablets, middle-class families would purchase overpriced computers from questionable computer stores that the entire family would share. However, due to the lack of technological understanding among children and adults, these computers would quickly become sluggish, plagued by dubious downloads and suspicious toolbars. It wasn't until my brother moved out that I truly delved into PC gaming.

Uplink: A Life-Changing Gateway to Immersive Gaming

A Life-Changing Recommendation

For my 14th birthday, my mom bought me a gaming PC, which, despite being overpriced, became a gateway to a whole new world of gaming. As someone who was only familiar with free Flash games on Newgrounds, I sought recommendations from various communities on what games I could play on my outdated machine. One person suggested a hacking game called Uplink, and that recommendation changed my life.

The World of Uplink

Uplink is a hacking simulator that pays homage to classic hacking movies like Sneakers and Hackers. In the game, you assume the role of a hacker who performs various tasks, such as changing identities and destroying data. Initially, hacking is as simple as using a password breaker, but the game quickly introduces new concepts like deleting logs and navigating through networks. While the game provides in-game help, mastering certain concepts requires trial and error, which can result in getting caught and facing a game over.

Immersion and Engagement

Before Uplink, my gaming experience revolved around arcade-style games like Mario, Grand Theft Auto, and Alien Hominid. Uplink, however, offered a different level of immersion and engagement. Its ambient soundtrack, retrofuturistic visuals, and unique gameplay captivated me like no other game had before. I became obsessed, researching everything about the game and its developers, purchasing their other games, and even reading the Uplink design documents.

The Power of Emotion

What sets Uplink apart is its ability to evoke a range of emotions. While the game can be fun, it also elicits tension, frustration, and paranoia. This deliberate design choice enhances the experience, making players truly feel like real hackers. Uplink proves that a game doesn't have to be solely focused on fun to be effective and memorable.

Beyond Fun

The notion that games should only be fun is limiting. Just like horror games aim to spook rather than amuse, Uplink demonstrates that exploring a wider range of emotions can create a more impactful gaming experience. Games have the potential to evoke tension, paranoia, and euphoria, and it is essential to embrace these emotional reactions in game design.


Uplink revolutionized my gaming experience and opened my eyes to the possibilities of game design. It showed me that games can be more than just entertainment; they can be immersive, thought-provoking, and emotionally engaging. Uplink's influence extends beyond its gameplay mechanics, serving as a testament to the power of storytelling and the artistry of game development. So, the next time you play a game, consider the emotions it evokes and appreciate the depth and impact it can have.

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