Best Irish Lottery Lottery in 2024

Ireland, an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, is one of the countries in Europe with the best lotteries. The Irish national lottery has several games of chance available to players. One of the most amazing things about the Irish Lottery is that players can buy ticket numbers from Ireland or other countries. The Irish Lotto 6 ball and 7 balls are among the most popular lotto games. One must have a lotto ticket to have a chance of winning the draw.

In theory, buying tickets seems like an easy task. But landing the winning number combination is never straightforward. Players should check out some of the listed places below to buy legitimate Irish Lottery tickets.

Best Irish Lottery Lottery in 2024
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What is the Irish Lottery

The Irish Lottery, known as the Irish Lotto, is a well-known game in Ireland, managed by a state-owned company called Premier Lotteries Ireland. Established in 1987, it has become a popular form of entertainment and a source of funding for various public projects. In the main Lotto game, players choose six numbers from a range, typically between 1 and 47. Winning the jackpot requires matching all six numbers drawn in the lottery. The draws for this game usually happen twice a week.

Apart from the main Lotto, the Irish Lottery also includes additional games like Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2, and the EuroMillions, which is played across several countries. The prizes in these games vary, with the main attraction being the increasing jackpot, which grows larger each time it's not won. Smaller prizes are also available for those who match some of the drawn numbers.

The money collected from the lottery is not just for prizes. A significant part goes to support public sectors such as sports, arts, culture, and national heritage in Ireland. The Irish Lottery is not just popular in Ireland; people from around the world participate, drawn by the possibility of large jackpots and significant wins. However, it's important to remember that lottery is a form of gambling, and it should be approached with caution and responsibility.

Authorized Irish Lottery Shops

Irish Lottery tickets can easily be bought from authorized retailers throughout Ireland. Players are only required to visit the authorized ticket retailer shop and make a purchase. Picking the ticket numbers is up to the player's decision. They can choose to play their own numbers or opt for a random selection.

Players who are feeling lucky often pick their numbers. Others prefer trying their luck in a random selection. Players are given physical tickets after making the payment. All players buying tickets from authorized retailers are advised not to leave the shop without a physical ticket.

Online Dealers

Although the internet has some disadvantages, everybody has to admit that it has made things easier and better. Players not living close to authorized retail shops can buy Irish Lottery tickets from the comfort of their homes through their mobile phones or personal computers. Players just have to log in to their Irish Lotto accounts and make a ticket purchase.

One of the advantages of buying lotto tickets online is that one does not have to fear losing their ticket or damaging it. This is because the ticket number remains secure online. Players who play online are also notified if they are winners after the draw is done. Prizes won are also paid automatically.

Is the Irish Lottery Legal?

Participating in the Irish Lottery is legal and legitimate, as it operates under strict regulations and oversight by the Irish government. The National Lottery Act, passed in 1987, established the lottery to support good causes in sports, arts, culture, and national heritage. Premier Lotteries Ireland, a state-owned entity, conducts the lottery's operations, ensuring adherence to legal standards and ethical practices. Regulations are in place to ensure fairness in the games, the security of players' information, and proper revenue allocation to public sectors.

The Irish government also monitors the lottery's operations to prevent fraud and protect the interests of the players. Therefore, participants can engage in lottery play responsibly, knowing that it contributes to various public welfare initiatives in Ireland. It's important to note that players should be aware of the gambling laws in their respective jurisdictions, especially if participating from outside Ireland.

How to Play the Irish Lottery

Playing Irish Lotto is very easy. It takes less than three minutes for one to get started. Irish Lotto can be played by players from both Ireland and outside the country. Here are the easy steps players can use to get themselves on the next entry. It might be someone's lucky day.

  • Pick Six Numbers: Whether a player is playing in-store or online, the first thing one has to do is to pick six numbers between one and 47. Players may pick those numbers using the number grid or use a quick pick to get six random numbers. Lotto tickets are sold for two euros per line. Players must purchase two lines. The minimum cost to get to an entry is four euros.
  • Choose Which Draws to Enter: Players can buy tickets for both weekly draws or choose one draw, either Wednesday or Saturday. They choose the draw days on the play slip. Online players should select their options on the platform.
  • Choose the ‘Plus’ Option: Adding this option costs an extra one euro. When one adds plus, they get automatic entry to the Plus Raffle, Lotto Plus 1, and the Lotto Plus 2 draws.
  • How Far to Play in Advance: Players then decide the number of draws before completing the play slip. The options available are one, two, four, or eight draws. Some sites allow players to purchase tickets up to a year in advance.
  • Pay for Entries: Players buying tickets in-store should pay the required amount to receive their tickets. Online accounts are charged as per the number of their entry costs.

Odds of Winning the Irish Lottery

Irish Lottery is still one of the most popular lotteries around the globe. Long-standing player goodwill, reasonable pricing, and simplicity of play are some of the reasons the Irish Lottery still stands tall in the gambling industry. Despite a few changes in the game's rules over the years, it still offers some of the best odds in lottery games.

Chances of winning the Irish Lotto jackpot currently stand at one in 10.7 million. These are very reasonable odds compared to other lotteries. The Irish Lottery has several prize tiers which are easy to win. The seventh prize has very friendly odds. Players are only required to match three numbers. The odds of winning the seventh prize are one in 54.

The Irish Lotto Plus 1 or 2 odds are even better compared to the regular games. Even though prizes won in Lotto Plus 2 are small, at least one gets a chance to win something. Every Irish Lottery player must choose at least two lines. That lowers the winning odds from one in 10.7 million to one in 5.3 million. Purchasing a Plus ticket takes the winning odds to one in 900,000.

Payout Options After Winning the Irish Lottery

The last step after winning the Irish Lottery is to receive the prize. How one claims the award depends on the amount of money won.

Online Players

Players who buy Irish Lottery tickets online are given payments according to the prizes won. Prizes worth one to 99 euros are automatically transferred to a player's online wallet. A cheque is sent for winnings of 100 to 500 euros. A claim form for completion is sent before a cheque is given on winnings worth 501 to 9,999 euros. Players with winnings of 10,000 euros and above should call the National Lottery Claims Department and make arrangements to process the prize.

Retail players

Players holding purchased winning tickets should claim their reward within 90 days of the draw dates. The ticket must be presented when collecting the prize. One to 100 euros should be collected at any National Lottery agent. 101 to 2500 euros to be collected at any An Post Office. 2501 to 14,999 euros to be collected at An Post Prize Claim Centre.

Tips and Tricks to Play the Irish Lottery

Although players mainly need luck to win the Irish Lottery, they still require a few tricks to place them in a prize-winning position. Players have to pick six numbers and match them to those drawn from a pot of one to 47 to receive the first prize. However, there are other prizes given for matching just two numbers. Here are a few tips to maximize one's winning chances.

Bet twice a week

Place bets for both draws of the week to have a fresh chance on each draw day. This is because the more bets one places, the higher their chances of winning a prize.

Irish Lotto Plus

The most notable feature of the Irish Lottery are the two additional draws that one can join, costing one euro. Players should try betting on Lotto Plus 1 and 2 to increase their winning chances.

System bets

These bets allow players to pick more than six numbers out of 47. This increases a player's chances of winning since it is not a standard bet. Players only have to click on all the numbers they want to make a system bet. All possible number combinations are selected automatically from the chosen digits. Players using system bets have the chance to win the main jackpot or any lower division prizes.

Stories of Big Irish Lottery Winners

The Irish Lottery has produced numerous life-changing winners over the years, each with their own unique story. Here are a few notable examples:

  1. Dolores McNamara: In 2005, Dolores McNamara became Ireland's biggest lottery winner, scooping a staggering €115 million jackpot. Her win made headlines worldwide and changed her life and the lives of her family forever.
  2. Nuala Williamson: Nuala Williamson won a €4.2 million Irish Lottery jackpot in 2017. She had been playing the same numbers for years and finally hit the jackpot, fulfilling her dream of providing a better future for her children and grandchildren.
  3. Sean and Caroline McPhillips: This couple from County Down won a £115 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2019. Their win allowed them to retire early and enjoy a life of financial security and freedom.

These stories of incredible luck and life-altering wins serve as a reminder of the magic and excitement that the Irish Lottery can bring.

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What is the Irish Lottery?

The Irish Lottery, also known as the Irish Lotto, is a popular game in Ireland where players pick six numbers from a range of 1 to 47. To win the jackpot, you need to match all six numbers drawn. There are regular draws twice a week, and the lottery includes additional games like Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2, and EuroMillions.

How do I buy Irish Lottery tickets?

You can buy Irish Lottery tickets from authorized shops in Ireland or online. In stores, you'll get a physical ticket, and online, your ticket details are stored securely in your account. Online players also receive automatic notifications if they win.

Is the Irish Lottery legal?

Yes, the Irish Lottery is legal and regulated by the Irish government. It's a legitimate form of gambling, with part of the revenue going towards public sectors like sports and arts in Ireland.

How do I play the Irish Lottery?

To play, pick six numbers between 1 and 47, either on a play slip in-store or online. You can choose these numbers yourself or opt for a quick pick for random selection. You must buy at least two lines per entry, and you can also add the 'Plus' option for extra games.

What are the odds of winning the Irish Lottery?

The odds of winning the Irish Lotto jackpot are 1 in 10.7 million. However, there are several prize tiers with better odds for smaller prizes. For example, the odds of winning the smallest prize by matching three numbers are 1 in 54.

What happens if I win the Irish Lottery online?

If you win online, prizes are handled differently based on the amount. Small prizes are deposited in your online wallet, while larger wins may require completing a claim form or contacting the National Lottery Claims Department for processing.

What should I do if I win with a physical ticket?

Claim your prize within 90 days of the draw. Prizes up to €100 can be collected at any National Lottery agent, while larger amounts are claimed at designated post offices or the An Post Prize Claim Centre.

Are there any tips for playing the Irish Lottery?

To increase your chances, participate in both weekly draws. You can also play the Lotto Plus 1 and 2 for extra chances to win. System bets, where you pick more than six numbers, can also improve your odds, as they cover more number combinations.

Can I play the Irish Lottery from outside Ireland?

Yes, players from outside Ireland can participate in the Irish Lottery. You can play online by creating an account on the Irish Lotto website and purchasing your tickets digitally.

What are system bets in the Irish Lottery?

System bets in the Irish Lottery allow you to choose more than the standard six numbers. This creates multiple combinations of numbers, increasing your chances of winning. These bets can be made online, and they automatically select all possible combinations from your chosen numbers.